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26 Jul 2018


  President of the World Fighting Showcase, Chuck McKinney, ordered a immediate rematch for the WFS Television Champion George South to defend against David Anthony in Princeton, WV this past Wednesday, July 25, 2018.  The match was in response to the way in which South won the tournament & title.  The match was held and Anthony prevailed, as a new champion was crowned.  The entire match can be seen below.

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5 Nov 2020
5 Nov 2020
18 Jul 2018



  PRINCETON, WV was the place when eight men vied for the first ever World Fighting Showcase Television Championship. The first round saw George South face off against long time foe Eric St. Clair in the Mid Atlantic Division.  This was the twentieth time these two faced off in this venue, 4-H camp Elks Major Project, a camp for down syndrome campers.  South prevailed by using leverage to hold St. Clair to the mat from the ropes. 

  Other first round contests featured new comer David Anthony prevailing against Shawn Cruz in the Wild Card Division. While Deget Bundlez and William Huckaby, representing the Georgia Division, both eliminated after striking referee. Thus causing South to get a bye in the semi finals, placing him in the drivers seat straight to the championship match. Finally former friends & team mates faced off in the form of Brian Logan vs. Beau James, both representing the Tennessee Division. Under suspicious circumstances, James bested Logan using a form of knucks by knocking out the former World’s Champion, Logan.

  In the only semi finals contest, David Anthony defeated Beau James. James laid several hard blows to the rookie. Stamina and youth prevailed as Anthony caught James in a sunset flip maneuver.

  The stage was set for the final round and the title would be up for grabs for the first time IN WORLD FIGHTING SHOWCASE HISTORY!   Mr. #1 George South squared off against the " Ultimate Athlete" David Anthony. The fight was a classic study in youth and vigor vs. age and experience. Anthony had competed in two previous contest, while South only one. Despite giving his all, and without question, "Fighting Strong", Anthony was unable to catch a fall on the veteran. In the end South stayed strong and victorious. George South wins his first tournament in his long storied career, and became the first WFS TELEVISION Champion.  The entire live event was dedicated to professional wrestling legend from West Virginia & long time friend, Scotty McKeever.

The complete tournament is available on

5 Nov 2020
3 Jul 2018


  The news of the official launch of the World Fighting Showcase, accompanied by our over quarter million dollar arena complex, has taken the sports and entertainment world by storm. Continuing with the momentum of over 10,000 social media interactions and numerous other fan interactions, 3 Crows Entertainment is proud to make our next major announcements.

  In April of this year, 3 Crows Entertainment was saddened to lose one of our dear friends. Scotty McKeever was a multi-year veteran of professional wrestling who touched many lives both inside and outside the squared circle. In his honor, we pleased to announce The Scotty McKeever Memorial Tournament. This tournament will take place on Wednesday July 18th at the Glenwood 4-H Camp in Princeton, WV a part of the WV Elks Major Project Children’s Camp.  While this location may not be ideal, this camp and these campers meant so to Scotty throughout his years in Wrestling and we can think of no better location to honor his memory.

  This Tournament will serve to crown the first ever World Fighting Showcase Television Champion; the first major championship of our new sports entertainment brand. The invitational tournament will feature superstars and veterans of this industry in an 8-Man Single Elimination Tournament. Opening brackets are divided regionally but featured heated rivalry’s that date back years and decades. The Mid-Atlantic division features "Mr. #1" George South VS Eric St Clair; representing Tennessee are the former friends turned bitter rivals as Brian Logan battles Beau James. The tournament will proudly feature AIWF World Champion William Huckaby and the hottest newcomer in the southeast David Anthony.

  The crowning of the first ever World Fighting Showcase Television Champion is a moment you do not want to miss. All matches from this historic tournament will be on Wrestle Rewind and throughout our family of networks. Join Dallas Danger for the call of this incredible action. Do not miss this excited tournament as we crown the first ever World Fight Showcase Television Champion. WE FIGHT STRONG!

5 Nov 2020
27 Jun 2018


  The announcement of construction of a new building complex to be built in New Market, Tn has been made this past weekend.  The news came from Dr. Tom Prichard, head trainer at WFS, and Evolution Championship Wrestling announcer, Eric Lester from the Days of the Dead convention in Indianapolis, In. The project hosts a over a quarter of a million dollars invested by 3 Crows Entertainment. The new complex will be located off highway 11E in New Market, Tn, just five miles from Carson Newman College in Jefferson City, Tn. WFS will be presenting a weekly live event format, and tape for several television projects. The Tom Prichard Center will be named after WFS head trainer, and will serve as the new headquarters for 3 Crows Entertainment.

5 Nov 2020
4 Jun 2018

 SCW Presents Standing Room Only Results:

We started with SCW President Brian Reznor and SCW General Manager Brian Logan trying to figure out what to do about Nu Kovenant’s underhanded tactics in slashing the tires of The Gym Nasty Boys so they couldn’t make it to SCW Presents Line In The Sand! After the Security Footage clearly showed Damien Bennett, Conscious King Heru and Axel Ross destroying the tires the SCW President has no choice but to Strip Heru and Axel of the SCW Tag Team Titles and award the titles back to The Millennials. Then the three men shown in the footage (Damien, Axel and Heru) were suspended from SCW for 30 days. On top of that, Zuka King was forced to defend the SCW World Title in Damien’s place Against Eric Darkstorm! Brian Reznor sent a special SCW representative to Atlanta Georgia to retrieve the SCW Tag Team and World Championship along with Zuka King to be the sole member of Nu Kovenant allowed on the show! This SCW Representative was none other than "The Gift" Jason Kincaid! 

First Match: The Millennials defend their new SCW Tag Team Championship Against none other than The Gym Nasty Boys as a surprise Title Defense. 

SCW Tag Team Championship Match 

The Millennials


The Gym Nasty Boys 

Hard fought NO DQ Tag Match seen Garrett Coleman put through a table and then Timothy Lou came off the top rope with a beautiful moonsault to win the SCW Tag Team Championship for The Gym Nasty Boys!

Winners: New SCW Tag Team Champions The Gym Nasty Boys


Second Match: After forcing Zuka King to abandon the Rising Star Championship to defend for his team and an injury to SP The Ghost, this match became yet another battle between Bruce Grey and Ron Mathis! 

SCW Rising Star Championship Match 

Bruce Grey


Ron Mathis

This match was a true test of endurance, these two men are so closely matched that this one was one for the record books but in the end Ron Mathis defeated Bruce Grey to retain the SCW Rising Star Championship. After the match, out of no where a very angry Bruce Grey did the unthinkable and attacked a victorious Ron Mathis.

Winner: SCW Rising Star Champion Ron Mathis


Third Match: 4 Teams set out to become Number 1 contenders for the SCW Tag Team Titles in a 4 Way Tornado Tag Match as Cruz Control, X-Plan Mafia, and Ugly Duckling Rob & Semi Mutima went to the ring to be surprised by the 4th team, a returning Sound & Fury! 

Cruz Control 


X-Plan Mafia


Rob &Semi


Sound & Fury

This match was complete chaos from start to finish, each team gave everything they had but in the end the former SCW Tag Team Champs Sound & Fury stood tall. 

Winners: Sound & Fury


Fourth Match: 5 women competed in a unique match to become the first ever SCW Women’s Champion. Natalina Corvino, Saradox, Nicole Static, Kaci Dillon and Nina Monet competed is an All Around Tag Elimination Match. 

Natalina Corvino




Nicole Static


Kaci Dillon


Nina Monet 

Kicking off the women’s division in true SCW fashion these 5 women put it all on the table! In the end it came down to Nina Monet and Natalina Corvino who went toe to toe for gold! Natalina Corvino secured the victory and became the first SCW Women’s Champion! 

Winner: SCW Women’s Champion Natalina Corvino 


Fifth Match: CoenTheButcher promised her mystery client would lay waste to The Progressive Liberal Daniel Richards and she did not disappoint when she revealed her client to be 6’8 450 pounds of THE MOUNTAIN MONSTER TYRANT! 

TYRANT with CoentheButcher


The Progressive Liberal 

Daniel Richards 

Daniel Richards held his own against the monster but between the fans, Coen and a huge Choke Slam The Progressive Liberal added to his current losing streak. 

Winner: Tyrant


Sixth Match: Zuka King has been forced to step into battle with the former SCW World Champion Eric Darkstorm to defend Damien Bennett’s SCW World Title in a Falls Count Anywhere Match representing his suspended team mate from the Nu Kovenant. 

Zuka King


Eric Darkstorm 

This match went all over the place, they fought through the crowd, all the way to the main stage at Metal In The Mountains and back. Zuka King put up an amazing fight but in the end Darkstorm was too much for the Nu Kovenant full in.

Winner: SCW World Champion for the 2nd Time Eric Darkstorm!

After the match longtime friend of Eric Darkstorm "The Gift" Jason Kincaid took the belt in the ring to give to Eric. After presenting him with the belt Jason proceeded to attack the severely winded World Champion and give him a pile driver in the center of the ring! We have yet to find out what would make a man attack his long time friend in the middle of his 2nd Title win celebration but he kept saying "It’s Just Business" as the Superior Fanatics jeered in disbelief. 


We closed the evening with a very insane gauntlet for the SCW Hardcore Championship. 15 men battled it out for the prestigious saw blade! Before the match it was announced that the winner would be presented the title by an injured New Jack who showed up on crutches! It was also announced that after a Champion was crowned the SCW Hardcore Championship would from then on be contested under the 24/7 rule which means a title defense can take place anywhere at anytime as long as an SCW official is present to make the count. 


We seen the debut of many stars to the Superior Brand including Aiden Blackhart, Akira American Yakuza, and many more! From Golf Clubs to keyboards to fluorescent light bulbs this match was anarchy! In the end two classic death match veterans Brad Cash and Smokey C were the final two slugging it out for the belt! Smokey C got the win and experienced the moment of a life time when New Jack presented him with the SCW Hardcore Championship, Smokey C celebrated his victory when New Jack decided to cash in on crutches. He blasted a clueless Smokey C in the skull with a crutch and forced the referee down for a 3 count to become the new SCW Hardcore Champion!


It’s official, you never know what could happen at an SCW event! 

Big thanks to Pipestem Spa, Event Center & Mountain Chalet, Metal In The Mountains and all the Superior Fanatics who made this event absolutely incredible! 

Superior Championship Wrestling, The Superior brand in Sports Entertainment!

27 May 2018

 SCW Presents Line In The Sand featuring Robbie E! Took place at Lake Stephens - RCRA yesterday and was a major success, we ran out of the 100 chairs we had and had over 100 people standing to see the superior brand in Sports Entertainment! These fans stood in the rain waiting for this show to start and at 3pm the sky cleared up, the sun came out and we had a tremendous show! 

       Ron Mathis and Bruce Grey had a Double Count Out chaotic encounter, The Millennials lost their SCW Tag Team Titles to Conscious King Heru and Axel Ross from the Nu Kovenant, Jaxon Stone secured an SCW Contract, John Covey Cole beat up a guy in clown makeup, Sp TheGhost and Zuka King both submitted Blaxstrom at the same time causing mass confusion, The Progressive Liberal Daniel Richards couldn’t quite match up to Robbie E and Damien Bennett from the Nu Kovenant defeated Eric Darkstorm to become the SCW World Heavyweight Champion! New SCW Ring Announcer Jesse Daniels made his debut and Former AWA World Champion Brian Logan was named General Manager of the Superior Brand. 

At Line in the Sand 3 Matches were added to SCW Presents Standing Room Only at Metal In The Mountains! The Millennials VS Heru and Axel for the SCW Tag Team titles, Fatal Four Way with Ron Mathis Vs Bruce Grey Vs Sp The Ghost Vs Zuka King for the SCW Rising Star Championship and Damien Bennett Vs Eric Darkstorm for the SCW World Championship with Special Guest Referee Champion MMA Fighter Chris Mckinney! Metal In The Mountains WV 2018 Ft. Mushroomhead Pipestem W Va is gonna be incredible! The debut of DJ HaleYeah in SCW, the debut of CoentheButcher in SCW and the debut of NEW JACK plus many others! 

Superior Championship Wrestling is on fire right now and the momentum continues to build rolling in to the biggest Metal Festival in WV History!  Now is the best time to GET CAPTIVATED! You won’t want to miss a second of Superior Action! We have a big summer planned so be ready for some huge announcements!

28 Feb 2018

 Follow up to 2-27-18 News. PRE HAND SURGERY.

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