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26 Jul 2019

 July 25th, 2019 marks the one-year anniversary of "The Ultimate Athlete" David Anthony capturing the WFS Television Championship from "Mr. Number 1" George South at the Glenwood 4H Camp in Princeton, WV. South had defeated Anthony one week earlier, albeit under controversial circumstances, to be crowned the first Television Champion. Since enacting his revenge on George South, The Ultimate Athlete has proudly carried the banner of the World Fighting Showcase, defending his title in multiple territories including but not limited to WFS Mega Pro in West Virginia and WFS Evolution in Tennessee and North Carolina. David Anthony has withstood stiff challenges from the likes of "The Scottish Sensation" Murphy Costigan and "Mr. DDT" Bruce Grey, among many others. On behalf of everyone at the World Fighting Showcase and, congratulations to "The Ultimate Athlete" David Anthony on 365 days as Television Champion!

13 Jul 2019

   "Lethal Limits", the World Fighting Showcase's pay-per-view spectacular, certainly lived up to its name on July 12th, 2019 in Marmet, WV. Eight fighters entered a one-night tournament in which every match-up was contested under a different "Lethal Limits" stipulation. In what must be viewed as an upset, Smokey C ascended a ladder above extreme legend "The Franchise" Shane Douglas to become the inaugural WFS No Holds Barred Champion. The great fans at the Marmet Recreation Center were also treated to Eric Darkstorm retaining his AIWF Championship against Jason "The Gift" Kincaid. In addition, The Golden Terror defeated "The Ultimate Athlete" David Anthony in a Last Man Standing match to remain WFS American Champion. See all the action from "Lethal Limits" by going to and signing up for your free trial on the WrestleRewind Streaming Channel today!

5 Nov 2020
5 Nov 2020
5 Nov 2020
13 Nov 2018
Senior Referee Rev. Carlos Stapleton
Senior Referee Rev. Carlos Stapleton

 WFS Is Proud to announce that Rev. Carlos Stapleton has been appointed Senior Referee for WFS. His long time experience will no doubt lend a hand trying to keep order inside the squared circle. Stapleton will be working directly with WFS President Chuck Mckinney to enforce structure and order to the World Fighting Showcase’s bouts.

11 Nov 2018


  The newest champion was crowned at WFS PRESENTS: Turmoil.  A one night, eight man, single elimination tournament was held in Dandridge, TN, on November 10th, 2018.  The Golden Terror defeated Eric Darkstorm via submission. Darkstorm suffered a injured shoulder in the first round when he defeated Deget Bundlez.  Bundlez attacked Darkstorm after the pin fall occurred, driving his shoulder into the ring post.  Subsequently The Terror capitalized on the weakness, and secured the gold in the finals.

  In the Semi main event Television Champion David Anthony successfully defend his crown against challenger Wil Huckaby. The contest proved that both men were capable of fighting strong.  Huckaby without a doubt will have much success in the WFS. Only time will tell which belts could be strapped around the waist of Huckaby, now that there are two singles titles up for grabs. 

In other Results:

First Round American Tournament

Nate Wilde defeated Jaden Newman 

The Golden Terror Bested Brian Logan

Deget Bundlez lost to Eric Darkstorm 

Elliott Russell defeated Dale "Rebel" Henderson


Second Round American Tournament 

Golden Terror pined Nate Wilde 

Eric Darkstorm defeated Elliot Russell 



5 Nov 2020
5 Nov 2020
20 Oct 2018


RESULTS OF Shocktober IV

Dick Stone had risen to the occasion to win the Evolution Chamber Rumble.

Kaci Dillon defeated La Blanca Hada to get one step closer to a Evolution Ladies championship match.

Diamonds N' the Rough defeated the Memphis Mafia to become your new Evolution Tag Team Champions.

Craig Hyder Defeated Zen Fortune and Murphy Costigan to become the first South Eastern Champion in a Triple Threat Match.

Joe Braddock challenged Jeff X and was defeated in Jeff X Division open challenge match.

Jeff Baker became new Evolution champ in 4 way highway to hell match after defeating DP Holiday former champion and The Highwayman and Surprise entrant Brian Logan in controversial fashion with Jordan Lawerance posing as the Highwayman and in helping Jeff Baker become new Evolution Champion! 

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5 Nov 2020
5 Nov 2020
13 Oct 2018


  Oneida, Tn has the location for ZOMBIECON 2018, WFS was on hand for a live event.  David Anthony defended his WFS TELEVISION Title against Chayse Britton. Britton, a former fan favorite, has recently had a change of heart. The new A.W.O.L., Absence With Out Loyalty, attitude has become apparent in him. After being defeated, Britton attacked Anthony with a chair. WFS Board member "White Lightning" Tim Horner, of WCW & Smoky Mountain Wrestling fame, was on hand, and had to break up the Malay by hitting young Britton.  Britton began screaming that, "this was not the end, but just the beginning", after the blow. We will see what comes from this. WFS PRESIDENT Chuck McKinney is set to comment on this incident later this week.  Both David Anthony and Chayse Britton will be at WFS Live Event: Turmoil November 10th, in Dandridge, Tn, at the Field of Dreams Activity Center.

5 Nov 2020
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