The World Fighting Showcase is leading the charge for REAL WRESTLING FANS!

Based on the concept of men fighting men. The ladies fight too. 

The only criteria is the fighters must fight STRONG. 

WFS proudly showcases professional wrestling. All styles, from competition that is unique in appearance and character. You remember, back when the ring game was entertaining. By the way, we aren’t talking about old school boring "rasslin’".  What the World Fighting Showcase offers is top notch production combined with gritty, hard hitting, sports event. 

WFS has teamed with 3 Crows Entertainment to bring you the viewer a one of a kind, all inclusive encounter. Whether it is watching at home on Wrestle Rewind, or experiencing the action live at our own arena,The McKinney Center, located in New Market, TN, you can join the fighting community in this immersive world.

  • Forums on Wrestle Rewind let you join in on the conversation with other viewers
  • LIVE EVENTS feature meeting and getting to know your favorite fighter
  • The video content  available lets you view the action on any device at any time
Below are past specials and interviews we have promoted.

3 Crows b4 Midnight Entertainment Productions

 For established promotions we offer a one of a kind distribution system to get your Fighting product to the customers you need.  Never before has being a part of a organization been so easy to access, participate, and succeed in. 

What we provide to promoters 
  • Instant placement on television streaming, dvd, and merchandise channels
  • Talent promotion into new markets and new experience levels
  • Credibility of an emerging organization with top notch production value
If you are a promoter and you are interested in joining the WFS send us an email via the contact page.

 Show your love and support for the group that fights the strongest!


The most durable & comfortable T-Shirt you will ever wear!



 Tired of the same ol’ fundraiser or events in your town?


The World Fighting Showcase provides a new way of raising funds at your event by using crowd participation in the WFS experience.

Our plans allow for crowd interaction like never before. Imagine a wrestling game show, where each fighter is represented by a member in the audience. When the fighter wins, the contestants win prizes. What kind of prizes? I’m glad you asked.  Prizes like name brand streaming sticks, clothing, and of course a flat screen tv!

Not only do the chosen few, who are selected through a series of simple contests, win, when their man/woman wins, but they bid on chances to spin the wheel and pick the rules of the matches. For instance, looser of the match clucks like a chicken, or two against one, or possibly no rules at all. It is all up to your audience. At events like this in the past fans have left have having the "TIME OF THEIR LIVES". The best part is we catch this all on film,and they can purchase a dvd or download a digital copy to watch their friends, family, and fellow towns folk participating in this extravaganza. If you are a club, organization, or event coordinator send WFS A EMAIL and include the subject "fundraiser".

Created by New Market Athletic Club, LLC