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5 Nov 2020
20 Oct 2018


RESULTS OF Shocktober IV

Dick Stone had risen to the occasion to win the Evolution Chamber Rumble.

Kaci Dillon defeated La Blanca Hada to get one step closer to a Evolution Ladies championship match.

Diamonds N' the Rough defeated the Memphis Mafia to become your new Evolution Tag Team Champions.

Craig Hyder Defeated Zen Fortune and Murphy Costigan to become the first South Eastern Champion in a Triple Threat Match.

Joe Braddock challenged Jeff X and was defeated in Jeff X Division open challenge match.

Jeff Baker became new Evolution champ in 4 way highway to hell match after defeating DP Holiday former champion and The Highwayman and Surprise entrant Brian Logan in controversial fashion with Jordan Lawerance posing as the Highwayman and in helping Jeff Baker become new Evolution Champion! 

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5 Nov 2020
5 Nov 2020
13 Oct 2018


  Oneida, Tn has the location for ZOMBIECON 2018, WFS was on hand for a live event.  David Anthony defended his WFS TELEVISION Title against Chayse Britton. Britton, a former fan favorite, has recently had a change of heart. The new A.W.O.L., Absence With Out Loyalty, attitude has become apparent in him. After being defeated, Britton attacked Anthony with a chair. WFS Board member "White Lightning" Tim Horner, of WCW & Smoky Mountain Wrestling fame, was on hand, and had to break up the Malay by hitting young Britton.  Britton began screaming that, "this was not the end, but just the beginning", after the blow. We will see what comes from this. WFS PRESIDENT Chuck McKinney is set to comment on this incident later this week.  Both David Anthony and Chayse Britton will be at WFS Live Event: Turmoil November 10th, in Dandridge, Tn, at the Field of Dreams Activity Center.

5 Nov 2020
23 Sep 2018


  ROME, GA, WAS THE SITE FOR SUPERSTARS OF WRESTLING FAN FEST IV.  The card was headlined by The Elite’s Bullet Club members The Young Bucks.  Several wrestling legends were on hand including Demolition, Ron Garvin, Nikita Koloff, Jeff Jarrett, Gene Okerland, Tim Horner and many others. 

  WFS TV Champion David Anthony faced off against Dr. Tom Prichard, who made a rare appearance inside the ropes. Prichard has assumed a more administrative role with WFS. This night Prichard was managed by Brian Logan & teamed with John Skyler against Anthony & Tyson Dean.

Check out the full match by playing the video above.

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5 Nov 2020
5 Nov 2020
26 Jul 2018


  President of the World Fighting Showcase, Chuck McKinney, ordered a immediate rematch for the WFS Television Champion George South to defend against David Anthony in Princeton, WV this past Wednesday, July 25, 2018.  The match was in response to the way in which South won the tournament & title.  The match was held and Anthony prevailed, as a new champion was crowned.  The entire match can be seen below.

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5 Nov 2020
5 Nov 2020
18 Jul 2018



  PRINCETON, WV was the place when eight men vied for the first ever World Fighting Showcase Television Championship. The first round saw George South face off against long time foe Eric St. Clair in the Mid Atlantic Division.  This was the twentieth time these two faced off in this venue, 4-H camp Elks Major Project, a camp for down syndrome campers.  South prevailed by using leverage to hold St. Clair to the mat from the ropes. 

  Other first round contests featured new comer David Anthony prevailing against Shawn Cruz in the Wild Card Division. While Deget Bundlez and William Huckaby, representing the Georgia Division, both eliminated after striking referee. Thus causing South to get a bye in the semi finals, placing him in the drivers seat straight to the championship match. Finally former friends & team mates faced off in the form of Brian Logan vs. Beau James, both representing the Tennessee Division. Under suspicious circumstances, James bested Logan using a form of knucks by knocking out the former World’s Champion, Logan.

  In the only semi finals contest, David Anthony defeated Beau James. James laid several hard blows to the rookie. Stamina and youth prevailed as Anthony caught James in a sunset flip maneuver.

  The stage was set for the final round and the title would be up for grabs for the first time IN WORLD FIGHTING SHOWCASE HISTORY!   Mr. #1 George South squared off against the " Ultimate Athlete" David Anthony. The fight was a classic study in youth and vigor vs. age and experience. Anthony had competed in two previous contest, while South only one. Despite giving his all, and without question, "Fighting Strong", Anthony was unable to catch a fall on the veteran. In the end South stayed strong and victorious. George South wins his first tournament in his long storied career, and became the first WFS TELEVISION Champion.  The entire live event was dedicated to professional wrestling legend from West Virginia & long time friend, Scotty McKeever.

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